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Real-time data for remote monitoring and management.

Telemetricor's first 8 weeks as a Growth Service client.

Telemetricor started as a Growth Service client in January 2017. With consultation from  Ian MartinBrian Watson , and from Mel Redding, they have seen the benefit of the service already.

Telemetricor specialise in designing, building and integrating end-to-end software and hardware systems for extracting real-time data from remote, hostile or difficult environments. Their latest sensor, TelemetriCop is a remote area sentry system for loss prevention, asset protection, threat detection and intruder interception. It has been designed as a force multiplier for Police, Military and other security personnel, as well as ordinary civilians. This system operates over a self-forming radio mesh network, to send live alerts to any web enabled device when perimeters are breached. Their image analysis algorithms filter all images, to remove any false triggers and ensure that only actionable events are alerted to the attention of a response team. This runs automatically, day and night, making it extremely cost effective compared to conventional manned control rooms. TelemetriCop is designed to be a pro-active, rather than a reactive, system.

Video Testimonial

Huge Stride, Director of Telemetricor, had the following to say of the Growth Hub's service;

"In the short time we have been on the Growth Hub program, a tremendous amount has been achieved, much of it critical for Telemetricor Limited's survival particularly with regards to money. 

Ian has been instrumental in helping us obtain short-term finance, which we have already received, and which should allow us to grow rapidly over the coming months. Since receiving that finance, Ian has also been able to introduce us to, and help us negotiate with, another finance provider, James Edwards at FSE, who has been extremely positive and helpful, and who is provisionally prepared to make money available to us to fulfil our longer term ambitions. 

I do not believe we could have obtained either of these two sources of funding for ourselves, or the money itself without selling equity on unfavourable (to us) terms. Ian has made a number of introductions to other Growth Hub affiliates, Mel Redding and Vicki Dunn-Mussert both of whom have been generous with their advice and contacts, and both of whom have been able to make valuable contributions on the business development and finance front respectively. 

Mel, particularly, has introduced a major company in one of our target sectors with whom we may partner on a high-value government contract. Both also have a number of other leads which should help significantly over the coming 12 months. They have both been extremely communicative and punctual in following up on our meetings. Ian also came to our initial meeting with Brian Watson, who has given us excellent advice on CE markings and product compliance, and whose advice in that regard looks set to save us a significant amount of money at a critical time. 

In addition to the introductions and sourcing of finance, Ian has also been a tremendous support to me personally in my role as director. His regular contact and willingness to share his wisdom has been a great comfort. His tactful handling of me has made what could have been a tricky adjustment an extremely enjoyable one. I am enormously grateful for the support I have received from the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub, and I am certain that it will play an important part in the success we may now enjoy."

Hugo Stride Director 30.01.17

If you'd like to experience the same kind of benefit that the Growth Hub has offered Telemetricor, please see our Growth Service page to see how we can help your business. 

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