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Getting started on social media

Growing your social media network


Getting started on social media

Social media is a great way of talking with your customers and promoting your business. Sharing relevant content with your followers and engaging with them through social media conversations is an incredibly powerful way of both establishing your business as an authority on your specialism and being approachable to your customers. 

Whether you're operating in the B2B or B2C market, social media is for you. 

It allows you a platform for feedback from your customers you may not otherwise hear and allows you to alleviate any concerns your customer base may have.

Regular posting of your own content on social media, such as news stories and product information, helps to get the word out of what your business does and the benefit of your products and services in a way that simply has not been possible before. 

Social media allows you to reach your customers in a non-pressured and non-obtrusive way, giving them the option to follow you and become fans. For every engaged fan you have, you have a chance for these ambassadors of your business to share your content themselves, reaching their network of contacts in a way that was never previously possible.

Some businesses are hesitant to engage on social media after reading some of the stories you have no doubt seen where businesses have responded badly to negative reviews or comments left on their social media feed. The key is simply knowing how to handle these issues should they arise. Always accept the positives that the customer has given you feedback, that you can use this feedback to improve, to get better, and thus creating a better business for all. When customers see that feedback is taken on board and responded to professionally, not taken personally, then even the worst feedback can be turned around, creating a better impression of your brand. 

The largest networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all free and have millions of users. This guide Engaging through Social Media will help you get started.

It's simple to sign up to the largest networks, requiring no specialist knowledge - simply have a copy of your logo to hand, and visit the websites directly. Upload a logo as your profile image, and even select a cover image to display when a customer visits your profile page. Add your website link and contact details in wherever you can around your profile, and this helps your exposure elsewhere on the web. 

Our Growth Service can help you further your social media knowledge, and learn how to drive engagement and ultimately sales, using the power of social. 

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