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Providing the Spark for Energy Specialist to Lead the Way

Market-leading energy specialist earning a reputation for providing the complete package.

Energy management specialist ReEnergise is earning a market-leading reputation for providing complete solutions to energy challenges. 

It was founded by Adam Hewson and Tarquin Henderson and has been trading for more than six years from Grayshott in Surrey. 

After initially focusing on providing impartial advice and project management to the domestic market, the company switched its focus to the commercial sector. It now provides its finance and consulting experience to large commercial and infrastructure energy projects and is also looking at the community energy sector, allowing communities to set up supply energy companies and have the ability to purchase gas and power from the National Grid to sell to their residents. 

In addition to its sustainable energy consultancy and project management, the company has also built a specialism in energy project finance. Firstly, it provides asset backed loans for sustainable energy installations from its own fund created in 2013. Secondly, it has advised local authorities on how to deploy capital into local communities to enhance energy efficiency in their region.

Prem has been very helpful for us and has certainly opened doors. He has so much experience in these areas and has been giving us plenty of ideas. We have talked about the shape and structure of the business and he understands what we are doing at Re-Energise and has represented us very well. "We appreciate the high level of support and mentoring provided by the Growth Hub and recognise its value to newer firms.

Tarquin, ReEngergise

How We Helped To fulfil its ambitious aims, ReEnergise has signed up to the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub which provides support and guidance for fastgrowing SMEs. 

The company has been working with Growth Champion Prem Gyani, who has already experienced the challenges new firms are faced with. "When I heard about the role of Growth Champion with the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub I knew I would find local companies who could benefit from that experience," said Prem. "I know what companies like ReEnergise are going through because I have been through it myself several times. "They have good potential and have realised that in a very busy renewable energy marketplace they need to do something different. 

Their new entry into community energy supply is particularly exciting. They already have their first client in the pipeline and what the Growth Hub has been able to do is put them in touch with people who can help with this project's funding. "Theirs is a great idea that has been very well put together and the company has demonstrated its ability to deliver a future strategy by choosing to move its focus from domestic to commercial, which is a very strong indication of the long term sustainability and success of their newest adventure. Prem continued: "The well-thought out addition of fund management to their portfolio has meant that they now have accrued and ensured future revenue streams which they can lever to cover the operational costs, staffing for growth and development of new ideas. "Creating a new business opportunity for a future that sees the inevitable return of high energy prices at this time is a shrewd move. It's a huge opportunity if ReEnergise can crack it." 

Prem, Tarquin and Adam have been working closely together and have already identified the key drivers to take the company to the next level. "Short-term funding for operational costs is important, and the company is approaching a number of sources to look at the best way to do this," explained Prem. "They will also be entering new markets with their consulting services and are trying to extend their market presence in the state education market to talk about energy efficiency. We will get the new community energy business off the ground and funded." Results Tarquin said the help from the Growth Hub was vital to ReEnergise's early success. "

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